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[Jeu] - 1337 le simulateur spatial de Chema

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[Jeu] - 1337 le simulateur spatial de Chema

Message par Admin le Mer 22 Jan 2014 - 18:57

posté le jeudi 25 mars 2010
The new game: 1337

Greetings to everyone.

Sorry to keep this post in english... I simply can't express myself in french :(

Not sure if you are aware that a lot of effort has been put in building an Elite-like game on the Oric. In fact it is in alpha stage, but near to completion to build a beta quite soon!

You can have a look at a small demo video here:
In fact it is already an old version. A lot has been changed and improved (mostly on speed, but also on gameplay) since that video was posted.

As usual, the technical discussion is held on defence-force forums. I have just released an alpha to a couple of persons to make the first tests (the overal core of the game is done) and moved into designing and programming the missions.

Any comment or suggestion is, as usual, greately appreciated.

Happy gaming!


Oric Rome
posté le vendredi 26 mars 2010 14h16

Great Work Chema!!!

It's a pleasure to see Oric work at its best in 2010!!

My Respect!
Ciao From Italy!

ORIC4EVER!! \(^..^)
posté le samedi 27 mars 2010 12h53


Chema you're fantastic

go on the good job, waiting commander Jameson to explore Lave system :-)
maximus (admin)
posté le vendredi 23 avril 2010 13h33

> Here is the V1 of the Chema'Space Simulator

That's unbelieveable ! ! ! 

>  It's a duty for oric fans to test and help our dear Chema   

click on picture above :

Press 4  for Short Range Chart


i played a little, it's very nice, really fast simulation, i tried to make some trading, of course i bought some slaves and of course, police ships attacked me immediately and destroyed me

back in 1983
posté le lundi 26 avril 2010 10h43

Thanks for your comments Smile

You have guessed that you have an alpha version here for download (including a very early version of the manuals): 

Please report anything that does not work, any comment, suggestion about anything: playability, speed, ai, gameplay...

It will be indeed of help Smile

posté le dimanche 9 mai 2010 17h18

  do you know there's a remake available here:

posté le mardi 11 mai 2010 09h36

Yep, I was aware of it... quite an impressive remake, really.

You know that they have pretty decent maps and information on galaxies, all of which could be used in 1337 aswell Smile

But nothing compares to playing it on our favourite 8-bit machine, anyway Wink

As a side note, despite my lack of free time lately, I have been working on missions (which will be loaded from disk transparently). The system is working and I have set up a the first two. Quite a lengthy process (design-program-test) but worth it I pressume. In the meantime I am also doing some bug hunting and tweaking.

So it is still moving!
LadyWasky (admin)
D'autr'questions ?
posté le mardi 11 mai 2010 11h08

Those are some great news !

Y'a t'il d'autres oriciennes ? Je me sens seule ! ^^
maximus (admin)
posté le mercredi 23 juin 2010 09h20

V2 available  !    Chema is great  !!

back in 1983
posté le mercredi 23 juin 2010 10h34

Greetings again.

Ok, fixed several issues, and here you are

1337 First Beta version

This one includes:
- Updated manuals, though at least one screenshot is still old.
- User interface updates, and more colorful screens some with in-game instructons, for the lazy people who don't read the manuals.
- Fully featured with tutorial missions. Easy. For those lazy enough not to even read the quickstart guide.
(why do you think I write tech manuals for?... go and read them!)
- Fully featured with the complete first mission pack! Not fully tested, so be warned.
- A built-in saved slot for testing purposes where you have Elite rank, loads of money and a fully-equipped ship. Of course missions are launched inmediately. BUT this is CHEATING.

There are things left, some code is not fully tested and the game balance is a first tentative. Of course, the intro is not yet included (Dbug is working on it, so expect something spectacular ).

Also be warned that I cannot guarantee that you will be able to use your saved game in future versions of the game. I can try, but cannot promise. 

I also uploaded a video to youtube, unfortunately,  the audio seems out of sync :/ 

Need to have a look... Anyway here is the link: 

Please, let me know your impressions, ideas, comments... whatever, in this thread or in the forums at defence-force:

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